2008 | Main programme - International selection | 05 June, 15.00


concept: Signa Sorensen and Arthur Kostler
set design: Signa Sorensen and Thomas Bo Nilsson
directed by Signa Sorensen
media design: Arthur Kostler
venue: “Vazrozhdenie” Library 

part of SEAS COASTAL Programme in partnership with Intercult, Sweden


Артур Кьостлер, Емил Грот Ларсен, Франк Бетге, Гри Воре Халберг, Ирина Забродина Йоргенсен, Мормир Суботич, Сигна Сьоренсен, Томас Бо Нилсон, Вяра Табакова, Владислав Виолинов

The Black Sea Oracle gives life to the fictitious story of Martha Rubin, an infamous oracle who performed on fairgrounds around Europe in the beginning of the 20th century. As an orphan of unknown origin she was taken into care by a travelling circus. Martha Rubin disappeared in the Romanian harbor city Constanza in 1913. From the years after her disappearance until this day the oracle has reoccurred in several European cities. Her descendants have formed The Martha Rubin Society trying to understand the mystical traces that she leaves behind. In an ongoing ritual the followers of Martha Rubin put their lives in the hands of chance, playing a fatal game of ever changing identities. During the 57 hours nonstop performance the audience can come and go as they wish and stay as long as they want to, taking part in the games and the daily life of The Martha Rubin Society.

Signa is an artistic partnership formed by Danish performance-installation artist Signa Sorensen and Austrian performer and media artist Arthur Kostler. The performance installations of Signa are widely regarded as some of the most extraordinary on the European performance scene in the recent years. In 2007 they performed in Cologne and Berlin and both projects were elected as the most important of the year by the critics in the respective cities. Signa showed the 200 hour nonstop performance The Ruby Town Oracle at this year’s Berliner Theatertreffen – a sister project to The Black Sea Oracle Games which is being shown at SEAS.

co-producer KIT
supporter Kunststyrelsen


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