2015 | Parallel programme Drama Theatre - Main Stage | 07 June, 19.30
08 June , 19.00
THE KITCHEN (70 Years of Youth Theatre)

THE KITCHEN (70 Years of Youth Theatre)

Author: Arnold Wesker, translated by Zlatna Kostova

Director: Vladimir Lyutskanov

Scenography: Venelin Shurelov

Costumes: Marina Yaneva

assistant director Anastasiya Sabeva
culinary consultant Uti Bachvarov

Alexander Hadzhiangelov, Angelina Slavova, Veselina Konakchiyska, Vihar Stoychev, Gergana Hristova, Deyan Tsvyatkov, Zornitsa Marinkova, Iskra Donova, Koyna Ruseva, Krasimir Nedev, Kristina Yaneva, Mariana Milanova, Martin Smochevski, Maya Baburska, Nikola Stoyanov, Nikolay Lukanov, Niya Krasteva, Petar Dochev, Raya Peeva, Svetoslav Dobrev, Sevar Ivanov, Simeon Damyanov, Stefan Mavrodiev, Yuliyan Petrov, Yavor Spasov, Yaroslava Pavlova


The place of action is the kitchen of a popular London restaurant visited by thousands of people every day. That’s why the staff must work orderly and efficiently, which becomes the cause of tension and conflicts. In urgent cases the waitresses and cooks often neglect their needs and this always has its consequences. The diverse characters and relationships build a Babylon of a kind. Vladimir Lyutskanov’s performance lends it a full-blown and dynamic mood. In it one can see well-established actors of the Youth Theatre’s company alongside its new faces. The performance is a part of the “RE:” programme marking the theatre’s 70th jubilee. It presents new performances of important texts of theatre’s history. “The Kitchen” was performed on its stage in 1973 by Nikolay Lyutskanov – it was a landmark performance of its time running for more than ten years.

Tickets Price: BGN 8/10/12/15 Duration: 120 min.


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