for theatre students, young actors, directors, art students, young professionals from theater, literature, research and translation sphere, as well as students from other art disciplines, interested in the work of Heiner Müller.



June 16 – 20

Goethe-Institut Sofia

As part of the 16th edition of the World Theater Platform in Sofia

in collaboration with Via Fest Foundation and International Heiner Müller Society Berlin

My drama, if it still would happen, would happen in the time of the uprising. The uprising starts as a stroll … My place, if my drama would still happen, would be on both sides of the front, between the frontlines, over and above them …

Heiner Müller (1929-1995) emerged as Germany’s most influential playwright during the second half of the twentieth century. No other German dramatist since Brecht (1898–1956) achieved a comparable position in world theatre. Heiner Müller reflected in his texts, more rigorously than any other writer, the violent trajectory of the last century’s history.

In summer 1977, in Sofia, Heiner Müller wrote  “Hamletmaschine“. Given up his original plan for an independent piece on Hamlet, he condensed the material he had collected whilst translating Shakespeare’s “Hamlet” into a short fragmentary – rhythmic crude poetic – prose text. This monolithic structure deals with central motifs and figures from the “Hamlet” material and combines associative textual parts with historic events. Since then, the Hamlet figure had become an instrument for Heiner Müller to permanently reflect about current political constellations.

The workshop is held in English by Klaudia Ruschkowski (author, curator, dramaturg), International Heiner Müller Society

Max. 20 participants.


Knowledge of the English language

Knowledge of Heiner Müller’s „Hamletmaschine“

Knowledge of Shakespeare’s „Hamlet“

The workshop takes place in plenary (reading / video examples / discussions / performance) and in five practical working groups regarding the five “scenes” of “Hamletmaschine”.

Please apply with name, age, field of study / qualification and some lines on your special interest in the workshop.

Application deadline: April 30

Please, submit your application in English to:

The event is in collaboration with Via Fest Foundation and International Heiner Müller Society Berlin

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