2017 Theatre of Satire | 02 June, 19:30
Katona József Theatre | the MASZK Association (Szeged) | the FÜGE | Orlai Production Office – Budapest, Hungary


By Nikolay V. Gogol

Directed by Viktor Bodó

Dramaturge: Juli Róbert

Assistant: Zsuzsi Szakács

Set designer: Tamás Keresztes

Graphic designer: Gergő Nagy

Psychology expert: Dr. Zsolt Zalka

Producer: Tibor Orlai

Special thanks to Nóra Juhász, Árpád Kákonyi, József Szalai, Dávid Szarvas

A one-man show of Tamás Keresztes

 In Hungarian with Bulgarian and English surtitles.

A masterly one-man show, directed by the winner of the Europe Theatre Prize “New Theatrical Realities” 2016

Theatrical reincarnations of N.V. Gogol’s unusual novelette “Diary of a Madman” require virtuoso actors. This time the civil servant Poprishchin, who gradually loses his mind, is impersonated by Tamás Keresztes. This is not the first time for him to perform a part in a production, directed by one of the most distinguished figures in the contemporary Hungarian and European theatre – Viktor Bodó. His production after F. Kafka’s “The Trial” entitled “Rattledanddisappeared’ (2005) brought him international recognition also due to the remarkable acting of Keresztes. In “The Diary of a Madman” the actor is also the designer of the set. The set is reminiscent of Van Gogh’s style with its deformed perspective. It reflects the perturbed consciousness of the character with his loss of touch with reality. It is enhanced also by the unusual soundscape created live by the actor. Are we mad or is the world insane? – the questions raised by Gogol’s story written in 1834 are still relevant today, in 2017.

Viktor Bodó belongs to the new wave of Hungarian theatre directors. He graduated in Acting and Directing and after that performed for 3 years with Arpad Schilling’s company “Krétakör”. His directorial breakthrough came with the adaptation of F. Kafka’s “The Trial” at Budapest’s “Katóna Jozsef” Theatre entitled “Rattledanddisappeared” (2005), which brought him several national and international awards. Since 2005 Bodó has been working often for the Schauspielhaus Graz and has become one of the distinguished figures of the European scene. His production “Alice” (2009) after the famous work by Lewis Carrol was awarded the “Nestroy” Prize. In 2008 Bodó founded his own company “Sputnik Shipping” in Budapest. Its co-production with Schauspielhaus Graz “The Hour In Which We Knew Nothing Of Each Other” (2009) by Peter Handke was selected for the Berliner Theatertreffen in 2010 and was awarded the “Golden Mask” Award for best international production at the festival in Moscow.

Currently Viktor Bodó works as a theatre and film director between Hungary, Austria and Germany. In 2016 he was awarded the Europe Theatre Prize “New Theatrical Realities”.

„It is stirring, it is savage and it is heartbreaking and even comical. It is the higher school of acting.” Art7.hu Művészeti Portál


The guest-performance is supported by the Hungarian Cultural Institute with the Embassy of Hungary in Sofia.

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Duration: 90 min.


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