2018 | Parallel programme Drama Theatre - Main Stage | 10 June, 20:15
Sofia Theatre


Author: Stefan Vögel

Directed by Mariy Rosen

Stage design: Petya Boyukova

Composer: Konstantin Tymoshenko

Lilia Maraviglia, Stefania Koleva, Irinei Konstantinov, Plamen Manassiev

Two families of friends, a dinner and many comic scenes revealing their own lies and deceits. It sounds familiar but Mariy Rosen’s performance based on the contemporary comedy by one of the most popular Austrian authors Stefan Vögel hides some unexpected turns and twists. The performance shows two family couples for whom life seems well-arranged and secure but starts to disintegrate little by little in front of spectators. Actor pairs of Stefaniya Koleva/Lilia Maraviglia and Iriney Konstantinov/Plamen Manasiev turn out to be involved in a game of numerous combinations and incessant change of identities. They take on the challenge with ease, much energy, inventiveness and sense of the comic features of their characters. Unexpectedly, a fifth character makes his appearance on stage to reveal the lies of the others without saying a word – Alonso. But who is he actually?

The production is supported by the Austrian Embassy in Sofia.



Tickets Price: 22, 20, 18, 15 BGN Duration: 90 min.


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