2019 | Parallel programme City Art Gallery “Boris Georgiev” | 10 June, 18:00
Azaryan Theatre


documentary performance of stories and interviews from the collection “Artists with silver in the hair”

Dramaturge: Lyudmila Slaneva

Directed by: Ilko Ganev

Visual environment: Vladislav Iliev

Graphic design: Nikolay Dimitrov

Antani Penev, Borisa Sarafova, Dimitar Krumov, Nadya Keranova, Petya Boncheva and Sevar Ivanov

The title is derived from the theatrical device “à part” in French (“aside” in English) in which the character speaks directly to the audience. The documentary performance “Apart” is a sensual exploration of actor’s nature. Six young Bulgarian actors impersonate and tell stories by some of the most beloved Bulgarian theatre and cinema artists. Among the authors of the texts are Naum Shopov, Krikor Azaryan, Stefan Iliev, Hristo Domuschiev, Itshak Fintsi, Ginka Stancheva, Emiliya Radeva, Stefan Germanov, Krasimira Kazandzhieva, Zhorzheta Chakarova, Anton Tonev, Lyubomir Bachvarov, Georgi Velchovski, Gergana Kofradzhieva, Korneliya Petkova, and others.


The performance is a detached comment on their lives by getting the personal emotions, joys and anxieties closer to the contemporary sensibility and to the yet paradoxical existence of those who have chosen the profession of theatre as their mission.

GALLERY    Photo: Orlin Ognyanov

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