2015 | Showcase programme City Art Gallery “Boris Georgiev” | 06 June, 21.30
BETWEEN THE HOLIDAYS (25 years TL Sfumato)

BETWEEN THE HOLIDAYS (25 years TL Sfumato)

Author: Stefan Ivanov

Director: Margarita Mladenova

Elena Dimitrova, Hristo Petkov

an atelier performance, with English subtitles

“In Between Holidays” is the first theatre text per se by the young, yet widely recognized poet and publicist Stefan Ivanov. The play was specially written for the actors Elena Dimitrova and Hristo Petkov on the basis of words they have shared with the author, its underlying nearness, self-revelation to the other as a form of conversation, of recognition of the person standing vis-à-vis one as someone close and esteemed. “In Between Holidays” captures the inner voice of two thirty-year olds: He and She, who exist alongside, with no connection between one another. What is the inner life of two young persons of today who continue to seek and desire? What sets them in motion, what hampers, recharges and provokes them?
This is the question, which the director Margarita Mladenova sets through her sensitive and skilful approach to the text. Together with the actors she creates an exciting theatre experience to explore the possible extent to which one can keep, by closeness and intimacy, one’s self in the chaos of the topical, insecure and unstable state of things.
Union of Bulgarian Actors’ 2014 IKAR Award nomination for best dramatic text
Vanishing Humanity Programme is carried out with the financial support of Sofia Municipality’s Culture Programme

Tickets Price: BGN 8 Duration: 70 min.


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