2017 | Main programme - International selection Drama Theatre - Second Stage | 06 June, 21.00
Brent Green & Sam Green – New York, USA


Filmmakers: Brent Green, Sam Green

Lighting Designer: Kathy Kaufmann

Musicians: Brendan Canty, James Canty, Rebecca Foon, Kate Ryan

Sound Engineer: Sam Crawford

Cinematographers: Pete Sillen, Yoni Brook, Andy Black, Paul Hill

Live Cinema is co-produced by ArKtype and C41.

In English with surtitles in Bulgarian.

A showcase of work by animator Brent Green and documentarian Sam Green, set to live music.

One makes narrative shorts. One makes documentaries. And they aren’t related. Self-taught animator Brent Green and Oscar-nominated filmmaker Sam Green (The Weather Underground)—who have showcased their work at MoMA, the Whitney Biennial, and all the major film festivals—burst the bounds of cinema by pairing live music and narration with their singular films. In this showcase of their best work to date, Foley sound artist Kate Ryan and a band comprising Brendan Canty (Fugazi), James Canty (Nation of Ulysses), and Becky Foon (Silver Mt. Zion) perform live alongside the cinematic proceedings: flickering stop-motion forays into Southern Gothic from Brent, engrossing documentaries about provincial dreamers and doers from Sam. In this “live cinema| images, ideas and words intertwine each time in an unique way.

The work of Brent Green and Sam Green has been presented at prestigious venues and events such as the MoMA and the Sundance Film Festival and others. The artists combine theatre and cinema in a search for the very nature of what makes a film. Nowadays watching movies is an isolated, solitary experience and the artists try to recreate it again as an exciting encounter and collective experience.




The guest-performance is supported by the Programme for Bulgarian-American exchange in the performing arts.

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Tickets Price: 15/ 12/ 10 BGN Duration: 80 min.

GALLERY    Photo: Christian Pena

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