2008 | Main programme - International selection | 04 June, 20.00


a motion-picture performance
concept: Ralf Richardt Strobech, Kirsten Dehlholm
directed by Ralf Richardt Strobech
music: UKR.tele.kom
text: Kirsten Dehlholm, Marie Tetzlaff, Olga Korobtseva
performer: Johannes Lilleore
venue: Mustang Cinema

part of SEAS COASTAL Programme in partnership with Intercult, Sweden

Under the artistic direction of visual artist Kirsten Dehlholm and architect Ralf Richardt Strobech, the performance group Hotel Pro Forma has over the past 25 years created performances which move across the genres of theatre, concert, film, visual art, architecture and digital art. Every production is a new experiment and contains a double staging: partly of its contents and the space, and partly of the notion of theatre itself, always in collaboration with artists from different disciplines and cultural backgrounds.

The performance RELIEF explores the point between image and space. The point where figures break free of that flat surface and acquire their own independent life. As when geological contours divide and become land masses. Or we decide who we want to be.

The audience is equipped with headphones and taken on journey through a multi-dimensional sound and image landscape in the Ukraine. A performer, perhaps the writer Vladimir Nabokov as a young man, is on screen and in the auditorium. He has yet to decide on his life career – is he to become a journalist, a scientist or a writer? He dreams of butterflies…

co-producer: Hotel Pro Forma

special support
Danish Arts Council – Committee for the Performing Arts
Danish Arts Agency
Wilhelm Hansen Foundation
Danish Centre for Culture and Development
Consul Georg Jorck
Hustru Emma Jorcks Foundation


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