2023 | Showcase programme Nezavisimost sq. | 04 June, 21:45
Fire Theatre Mime Company


Concept and script: Elena Pap, Plamen Radev

Directed by Elena Pap

Fire images: Plamen Radev, Viktoria Ivanova, Vanya Itinova

Composer: Yordan Vladev and Sildar Borisov (Dari)

Cast: Elena Pap, Plamen Radev, Zhan Iliev, Ivan Nedyalkov, Diana Ivanova, Petko Vatev, Eli Koleva, Diana Petrova, Mihaela Zaimova, Asya Lanzeti, David Kolev, Viktoria Ivanova

In numerous poetic and philosophical texts, Fire is an expression and symbol of Spirituality. The light of Fire illuminates space and drives darkness away – just as Spirituality shines through  human life. It is this metaphor that is at the core of the performance, which employs language that is poetic and allegorical, yet easy to follow.

The Soul’s quest is difficult and unpredictable. Seeking Light and its Freedom, it goes a long way…

Fire Theatre Mime Company has a unique presence in this country’s theatre life. Established in 1994 by Elena Pap and Plamen Radev, two directors working in tandem, this independent company is a leader in mime and outdoor theatre in Bulgaria, with the two directors developing the genre of fire theatre, which features a synthesis of the arts of mime and fire. In its perfromances, the Fire Theatre Mime Company further uses masks and puppets, fire paintings, characters on stilts, carnival performance techniques, and often live music.


Free entry.

The performance is suitable for all kinds of audience.

The guest-performance is supported by the National Culture Fund, programme Annual Grant 2022.

Duration: 40 min.


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