2017 | Main programme - Bulgarian selection Drama Theatre - Main Stage | 04 June, 19.30
05 June , 19.00
"Ivan Vazov" National Theatre


by Yasmina Reza

Translation from French: Snezhina Rusinova-Zdravkova

Directed by: Anton Ugrinov

Set design and Costumes: Nikola Toromanov

Composer: Kalin Nikolov

Assistant: Andrea Popova



Alexandra Vasileva, Vladimir Karamazov, Radena Vulkanova, Yuliyan Vergov

Two boys have had a fight and one of them is left with two broken teeth. This accident becomes the occasion for their parents to meet with the intention to decently and reasonably discuss the situation and its consequences for their sons. But the thin surface of their polite conversation soon starts to crack up and it gets more and more difficult to find out who is to be blamed for the aggression.

“The God of Carnage” is yet another play masterfully written by the French author Yasmina Reza that has won some prestigious awards. It is no chance that she has topped the lists of the most-performed contemporary playwrights in the world. Her plays skillfully combine the form of brilliant comedy with delicate irony and attentive portrayal of the paradoxes of contemporary social norms. Is it dangerous to keep silent about when “taboos produce demons”? The characters of this bitter comedy lose their hold of themselves similarly to the world of today that has gone out of control. A strong acting performance echoing important questions.

Askeer Award 2017 Nomination for best actress in a leading role (Alexandra Vasileva, Radena Valkanova), for best actor in a leading role (Vladimir Karamazov) and for best performance 

Tickets Price: 20/ 18/ 15/ 12 BGN Duration: 120 min.

GALLERY    Photo: Elena Spasova

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