2005 | Main programme - International selection Drama Theatre - Main Stage | 04 June, 20.00


Author: William Shakespeare

Turkish version: Can Yűcel

Director: Javor Gardev (t.a.g.)

Set and Costume Design: Nikola Toromanov (t.a.g.)

Lighting Design: H. İbrahim Karahan 

Music: Kalin Nikolov

Vocals: Denitza Serafimova

Dramaturgue: Canan Kırımsoy

Assistant Director: Şirin Çetinel

Director of Adana State Theatre: İskender Altın

Savaş Őzdemir, Nimet İyigűn, Uğur İzgi, Tolga Tekin, Raif Hikmet Çam, Gökhan Doğan, Sema Öner Kelav, Őtűken Hűrműzlű, Serdar Kayaokay, Şekip Taşpinar, Doğan Turan, Ergun Doğramacı, Gürkan Gőrbil, Őnder Őzcan, Ahenk Demir, Demet İyigűn, Műge Taşpinar

State Theatre – Adana was opened in 1966 as a stage for guest-companies. In 1981 it became repertoire theatre house and a year later its first own Shakespeare’s production was realized. Now the English bard is again on its stage in the production of one of the most successful and innovatory Bulgarian directors – Javor Gardev.

When in a play we encounter such powerful protagonist like Prospero who with only one gesture sweeps away all his enemies from the face of the Earth, then the main plot does not seem so important. It’s just that there is no opponent, strong enough to oppose to this omnipotence. Except if Prospero himself does not turn out to be his own opponent. Prospero’s battle with himself – here is the important tempest in “The Tempest”. Tempest, that through its purifying element leads him (the Strongest and most Powerful!) to the calm strands of forgiveness and mercy. Unfortunately, too late.

Javor Gardev


Javor Gardev’s Turkish language version of “Тhe Tempest” is a production that sweeps you into the action, dazzles the senses, inspires the imagination and confuses the audience…

Antonia Mandry, “The Shakespeare Review” web – magazine


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