2006 | Main programme - International selection City Art Gallery “Boris Georgiev” | 06 June, 21.00


Choreography: Irene Kalbusch
Set design: Sabine Kreiter, Mascha Mioni
Musicians: Pirly Zurtsrassen, Daniel Stokart

David Golinval, Guillermo Horta, Valeria Garre, Isabelle Demaret

Compagnie “Irene K.” is founded in 1978 in Eupen (Belgium) by its artistic director Irene Kalbusch. Working with professional dancers of different nationalities, the Compagnie has adopted its own style in the field of contemporary dance theatre and site-specific theatre. Usually in its performances music is being composed for every new choreography and is played live while the dancers perform.
During its more than 25-years history “Irene K.” has won 5 international awards (including I prize for Choreography and I prize for Music for “The Magic Garden” at the International Festival of Children performances in Bulgaria). The Compagnie organizes dance classes and the festival “Dance and Industry”, that is held in every three years and every time takes place at different industrial locations.
In 2001 the company opened up a branch in Germany.

[X-Time Dress] is “Irene K.”’s newest project in the genre of site-specific theatre. For its presentation in Varna it is conceived as a promenade through the spaces in and between the Evangelical church and the Art Gallery with shortcuts of dance solos, duos and trios, inspired by the specific of the architectural atmosphere and the way it corresponds to the garment. With live music, bizarre masks and costumes, and performance of moving arias, the choreography invites the audience to experience in a new way the specific character of the space and to see the trivial and everyday things from unusual side.

Why a garment? A dress is considered as an instrument of a work and a territory for experiments: either large and ample the dress conspired to shelter some kind of escape; tight round the body it extremely confines the movement.
Irene Kalbusch, arstistic director

Compagnie “Irene K.” is a member of CQD – Dance festivals in urban landscapes


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