The Varna Summer International Theatre Festival opened with the production Easter Wine of the Ivan Vazov National Theatre.

“This festival is an emblem not only for the city of Varna, but for the whole of Bulgaria. For its thirty-one years in existence, it can easily be called a tradition that has its resonance in Bulgaria and around the world”, said at the opening ceremony the Minister of Culture Nayden Todorov.

The Mayor of Varna Blagomir Kotsev also attended the ceremony. “Varna Summer Theatre Festival is a good start of the season and the cultural calendar, which Varna is famous for and which makes it the cultural capital of the Black Sea”, said Kotsev.

This is one of the brightest festivals, it turns Varna into a European capital of culture in the coming days, claimed the chairman of the Bulgarian Theatre Association Iriney Konstantinov.

“It is with excitement that we step forward for the 32nd time to the opening of the festival, with which Varna will be a theatre stage for 15 days,” Daniela Dimova, director of the city’s Theatre and Music Production Centre, which hosts the event, said in her address. She wished Varna not only to preserve this festival, but to build on it by “all of us working for its survival in the years to come”.

The fact that the theatre is so full makes the celebration even more wonderful”, said the artistic director of  Drama Theatre – Varna, Veselina Mikhalkova, and wished “Good luck” to all theatre makers and actors who will take part in the festival.

The festival director Nikolay Iordanov emphasized the significant role of the Ministry of Culture and the Municipality of Varna for the material and moral support provided to the festival team over the years. He also thanked all the parter organisations and hosting venues as well as to the invited theatre professionals who will be in the spotlight for the next 15 days.

The opening performance Easter Wine was crowned with prolonged applause. Afterwards, on the square in front of the theatre, the spectators watched a fire show by the Fire and Shadow Theatre “Fireter”.

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Photo: Bulgarian News Agency


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