2017 | Main programme - International selection Festival and Congress Centre – Varna | 08 June, 20.30
Eduardo Guerrero – Spain


Dancer: Eduardo Guerrero

Singer: Manuel Soto

Guitar: Javier Ibañez

Sound and Lights Designer: Felix Vazquez


Contemporary flamenco performance by the new star of Spanish dance

 First prize in “Desplante” category at the international flamenco festival Minas de la Unión in Murcia, Spain and the Audience Award at Flamenco Festival de Jerez 2017

“Desplante” is an intimate, dramatic and intriguing flamenco performance combining different types of the traditional Spanish dance in the masterful performance of one of the new stars on the flamenco stage: Eduardo Guerrero. Desplante is one of the numerous types of llamada in flamenco: a sign given by the dancer to the singer and the guitarist for a coming change of rhythm. With his vivid individual style and intense presence, Guerrero brings out the essence of flamenco and lends it a contemporary form. He is accompanied by Manuel Soto’s flawless voice and the beautiful sound of Javier Ibáñez’s guitar, thus creating a real pleasure for the senses. By “Desplante” Eduardo Guerrero shows the essence of flamenco with new power and improved style contributing to the development of this dance that was declared as Intangible Cultural Heritage by UNESCO.

Eduardo Guerrero has been dancing flamenco since the age of six in Cadiz. He continued learning with such masters as Antonio Canales, Manolo Marín, Mario Maya or Chiqui de Jerez. He studied also  contemporary dance and classical dance. Since 2002, he has played in performances of major choreographers and performers in Spain such as Antonio Canales, Eva Yerbabuena, Aida Gomez a.o. He performs at leading stages in Spain and around the world, including Bolshoi Theatre in Moscow. Guggenheim Museum in New York etc.

“Desplante” is presented by the International Theatre Festival Varna Summer jointly with the International Music Festival “Varna Summer”.

The guest-performance is supported by the Embassy of Spain in Sofia and by Instituto Cervantes Sofia.


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Tickets Price: 15/ 12/ 10 BGN Duration: 90 min.


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