2006 | Main programme - International selection | 31 May, 21.30


script and direction: Mariusz Kozubek
costumes: Marek Stecko
music: Jacek Dzwonowsky
musicians: Jacek Dzwonowski, Grażyna Styścast

Malgorzata Grund, Magdalena Kocur, Piotr Chlipalski, Marcin Dzwonowski, Mariusz Kozubek, Marek Stecko, Leszek Styś

Theatre “A” is the only Polish independent professional theatre company for religious musical performances based on original scripts. Its productions include musicals, musical performances, biblical paracabaret, oratorios, theatre performances and street performances.

“Exultet” is a street performance, where fire and water are the central subjects of a ritual show that takes place on the borderline of modern theatre and medieval ecstatic mystery. The title refers to the name of a catholic hymn in praise of the paschal candle sung in the liturgy of Holy Saturday. The content of the spectacle is inspired by the so called transition rituals present in the cultures of various peoples and their ceremonies of initiation, dying and rebirthing. It presents the story of man like a symbolical journey, inspired by the legends of the Firebird. The motif of journey, manifestation of the “Supernatural” and the ultimate moment of a mystic metamorphosis are the basic elements making up the theatrical story. The universality of the subject is due to the permeation and synthesis of various cultural traditions – from original rites of magic to the Judeo-Christian tradition.

The actors of Theatre “A” invite the audience to experience an extraordinary theatrical performance that appeals to the most primitive human experience. The show is a journey to a long-forgotten world, the memory of which, however, is still present in our deepest subconsciousness.
Mariusz Kozubek

Theatre “A” whishes to thank to City Gliwice and Staskie Voivodeship


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