2007 | Main programme - International selection City Art Gallery “Boris Georgiev” | 04 June, 20.00
Cie Jozsef Trefeli – Geneva, Switzerland


concept, choreography: Jozsef Trefeli
choreographic collaboration: Madeleine Piguet
space, lights, video: Sven Kreter
lights: Pascal Burgat
video images: Vania Aillon, Zoya Anastassova

Jozsef Trefeli, Madeleine Piguet

The project is initiated as a response to an invitation from the Association for Contemporary Dance – Geneva that commissioned three choreographers to create new and original dance pieces. The final full length work was produced with the help of the Festival du Printemps at Teatre du Galpon – Geneve in 2006.

Jozsef Trefeli – a former dancer in the extremely popular Swiss company for contemporary dance “Alias”, approaches the project with the question “how can dance tell secrets – the little secrets that make us who we are? And what could be the nature, the dynamics and the force of these everyday secrets?” He composes “REAL LIFE WRONG” as a humorous yet tragic story of a couple and its turning points: starting from the first meeting to living together, passing through crises and other little joys. Characterized by a movement vocabulary based on everyday gestures pushed to the burlesque, the duet unfolds on the backdrop of a figurative video dйcor . With lot of humor and irony the dancers reveal the illusions, fantasies and realities of a conventional love story.

We can’t have power over the stages of love and love discourse: rituals of seduction, loneliness, love insanity, discovery of the other, sex, fantasies, intimate secrets. To be confronted by someone else’s secrets (ranging from the most strange to the absurd and almost religiously profound) is a dangerous undertaking. The couple suffers the consequences when they reveal their worst sides to the spectators.
Jozsef Trefeli


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