2021 | Main programme - Bulgarian selection Drama Theatre - Main Stage | 04 July, 19:00
Theatre 199


By Elena Telbis

Directed by Ivaylo Christov

With her debut play “RUBBISH” actress Elena Telbis won the sixth edition of the competition for contemporary Bulgarian drama at Theater 199 in 2019. It is staged by the author’s professor – the prominent Bulgarian actor and director Ivaylo Christov.

“Rubbish” tells about the reunion of three sisters who have been long separated and have radically different destinies. They gather in the home from their childhood. In memories and disputes, clearing the apartment of their deceased mother, they reveal unspoken before experiences and unsuspected sides of their characters. They realize how strong the invisible threads that connect them are.

Elena Telbis’ play attracts the audience’s attention with its lively and dynamic dialogue. With humour and understanding, she shows the emotional currents hidden beneath the surface in the relationship of the three sisters in a family. Ivaylo Christov’s delicate directing allows the three talented actresses – Svetlana Yancheva, Anastassia Lyutova and Vesela Babinova – to present their characters authentically and with attention to psychological detail.


Icarus Award 2021 for best performance and for best text for theatre

Icarus Award 2021 Nomination for leading female role (Svetlana Yancheva)

Askeer 2021 Award for Contemporary Bulgarian Drama, for leading female role (Anastassia Lyutova) and for best performance

Nomination for “Askeer” 2021 for directing (Ivaylo Christov)

Tickets Price: 20, 15, 12 BGN Duration: 90 min

GALLERY    Photo: Elena Nenkova

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